Element Overview
Cards act as an entry point for more detailed information and may contain fields for image, text, and a link pertaining to a single subject.


Element Options

Choose the Card type using this dropdown. “Basic” will generally be the only Type available. However, it is possible for developers to add in more Types, so depending on which website you are editing, there could be more with options that are different in style or in terms of options than the Basic Type.

Type (Basic)
The “Basic” Card Type contains options for an Image, Headline, Description, and Button.

This will act as the featured image for the Card. If a Button link is added to the Card, this image will automatically inherit the same link as the text below will.

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Input the headline for the Card here.

Input the description for the Card here.

Use the button option to add an external or internal link to the Card. This will in essence allow the gallery item to have the same functionality as the Button Element in terms of its ability to link to content.

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Element Advanced Options

Image Size
Choose the size of your image. By default, images will display using the “Medium” size.

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Element Style Options
Every Element has a standard set of style options available to it that allow for margins, padding, background color, CSS classes, and more to be set.

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