Element Overview
The List Element allows for a collection of Buttons to be displayed and controlled together as a list. Buttons created in the List Element can be stacked vertically or shown side-by-side horizontally.


Element Options

List Style
Choose from two options: Stacked or Inline. “Stacked” will display the buttons one on top of another vertically and “Inline” will display them side-by-side horizontally.

List Items

This section is where all List items will be built and ordered. Click “Add Item” to begin constructing the list and add more new items as you go along. Each item added to the List will be represented by a block labeled “Button”. These blocks can be dragged-and-dropped to be re-arranged in any order. They contain options very similar to the Button Element, meaning that you can link to a piece of external and internal content with each Button.

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You can also optionally add a custom CSS class to customize each button individually.

The blocks can be individually collapsed or removed using the text in the top right of each one. Use the “Expand All” and “Collapse all” buttons beside the “Add Item” button to easily manage a long list.


Element Style Options
Every Element has a standard set of style options available to it that allow for margins, padding, background color, CSS classes, and more to be set.

Learn More about Element Style Options

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