Reusable Layout Components

Components are reusable, pre-defined Rows/Elements that can be repeated across several different pages and edited / maintained in one place.

For example, instead of having to edit a call to action box that is repeated on every page of your website multiple times whenever a change is needed, you can simply edit the Component you’ve created for it and the changes will be reflected across every instance of that Component across the entire site.

The same Fusion Page Builder with fully-featured Row and Column configurations, and Elements that you would use on Pages is also available for Components. In essence, they are virtually the same as a Page in terms of layout building functionality, but can be called and re-used from anywhere on the site.


Adding a Component to a Page

Components can be added to any page using the Components Element.

Learn More About the Components Element


Adding a Component Globally using the Layout Page (Fusion Base)

1. If you are using the Fusion Base, you will have access to the global “Layout” page with its "Master Layout Builder". Available under Appearance > Layout within the WordPress Dashboard, this page allows you to choose Components to add globally to your site.

This is typically useful for Header and Footer Components, so that they do not have to be added to every page.

2. Use the “Add a Component” dropdown at the bottom of the page to select the Component.

3. Then, drag the block that appears into place.

The “Page Content” block cannot be removed, as it represents where the content from each page will be displayed relative to the Components added above or below it.

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