Element Overview
The Fusion Text Element offers the ability to add styled text within any Column on a page.

Within this Element there are two view options: in the “Visual” view, the Element contains rich text styling options like style, list functions, alignment, color, size, and inserting links. In the “Text” view, styling can be more accurately controlled by manually writing basic HTML and CSS.



Element Options
Text Field
The Text Field is where you can input the text that is to be displayed. Any text input here will span the entire column it is contained within.

Visual View

The Text Field has two view options labeled “Visual” and “Text”, which can be accessed using the tabs in the top right. The “Visual” tab is active by default and will display style changes. The toolbar above the text area in this view includes options for a wide range of styling options; simply highlight the text you wish to style and click the button in the toolbar to apply the style.

Text View

The “Text” view offers more direct and manual control over the styling of the text through basic HTML and CSS. Use this view if you want to add inline CSS styling and precisely edit any text being added to the Element.


Element Style Options

Every Element has a standard set of style options available to it that allow for margins, padding, background color, CSS classes, and more to be set.

Learn More about Element Style Options