Element Overview
The Blog element displays a roll of all posts created on the site anywhere you place it. You can customize what gets displayed on the roll for each post; mix-and-match displaying one or all or a few of the following: Featured Image, Excerpt, Author, Date, Categories, and Tags.


Element Options

Featured Image
Enable to display the Featured Image for each Post on the roll.

Featured Image Size
If Featured Image is enabled, you will have the opportunity to choose the size of that image.The default size is “Large”; each of the image sizes uses the standard set of Image Sizes also used for the Image Element.

Learn More About Image Sizes

Check to display the Excerpt text set for each post on the roll.

Check to display the Author for each post on the roll.

Check to display the Date for each post on the roll.

Check to display the Categories for each post on the roll.

Check to display the Tags added to each post on the roll.


Element Style Options
Every Element has a standard set of style options available to it that allow for margins, padding, background color, CSS classes, and more to be set.

Learn More about Element Style Options