Element Overview
Components are reusable, pre-defined Rows/Elements that can be repeated across several different pages and edited / maintained in one place.

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Element Options

Choosing, Adding, and Editing Components

Like the Pages of your website, Components also have their own section within the WordPress dashboard that lists each one built on the website you are editing. You can add new Components here just like you would a new Page, or alternatively, you can do so without even leaving the Page you are currently editing from within the Component Element itself.

Choose Component

If the Component already exists, choose it using the dropdown.

Add a New Component

From within the Component Element, under “Choose Component” is a button labeled as “Add New”. Click this and a modal window containing a field for the new Component’s name, followed by Template options and the Fusion Page Builder will appear. Here, you can construct and save your new Component without leaving the Component Element.

Be sure to click the “Save” button from within this modal window to save the new Component to the site.

Edit a Component
The same rule applies when you want to go back in later and edit the Component. Simply open the Component Element and click “Edit Selected” to make changes.

Be sure to click the “Save” button from within this modal window to save the edits you make to the Component.


Element Advanced Options

Collapse Component
Check to load component in a collapsed state. Use this option when you want a Button trigger and reveal the content of the component using the “Collapse” Button Type.

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Element Style Options
Every Element has a standard set of style options available to it that allow for margins, padding, background color, CSS classes, and more to be set.

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